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​    ​Having a will drafted will make sure that your assets are distributed as you see fit with only a few limitations. However, if you do not have a will, the State of Indiana has one for you in a very real sense.  You may not like it!

     If you want to avoid probate, a trust is a very good way of doing it.  While a trust is more costly than a will, your heirs could save thousands of dollars when you pass away.  They will also avoid the potentially long wait for a will to be probated. 

      Do you have a blended family?  A yours, mine, and ours or a yours and mine type of situation?  Trusts, when properly drafted, can make sure that the surviving marital partner does not decide to cut your children out.


     A divorce is a difficult time in a person's life, even if you are the one who has decided to get the divorce.   It is no time to make decisions based on emotions or without full knowledge of the consequences of those decisions.

Do you know your COBRA and Social Security rights based on your spouse's employment? Do you know what a QUADRO is and what it means to you?

Assets of a marriage are not always readily apparent and a spouse is not automatically entitled to fifty per-cent of marital assets.  YOU NEED A LAWYER!  You might as well hire the one with the most experience.


​     ​No case is too large for us to handle in cooperation with our Indianapolis colleagues!

​     No case is too small for us to talk to you and offer you advise about.

​     Do you have a good case?  Come in for a free consultation and we will help you decide.     



​     Have you been charged with a felony?  Are you looking at several years in jail?  SEE US!

     Misdemeanor case?  Yeah, we take those, too!

     Speeding ticket or other infraction?  Learn what pleading guilty might mean to you besides a fine and points on your license!


​     Probating an estate can be time consuming and expensive.  In an effort to help keep your costs low, we use paralegals whenever possible.

     We also make every effort to complete the probate process as quickly as possible.